At least I’m being honest here;  this is an excerpt from a letter written, never sent  ~ to my all time favorite composer  🎵🎶


Y's gift from me
     Once in a blue moon?

So many moons ago it was and near blizzard conditions that night.  ❄ 

I remember the drive vividly, playing his music in the car to keep us both calm as we pressed on, determined to get there no matter what.  🌨  This is my daughter’s 1st concert 🎵 and it is with absolute certainty this would nurture her very soul, being something so incredibly special. ✨

‘…My little girl of 8 years was totally into every note, ah  🎶  she knows your music so well for a such a little one!   I look back and just know that she was one of many really young admirers of yours;  that’s a good thing.  Now at nearly 21 she does many of her drawing sessions to your music.  That pleases me to be sure! 💕

I remember wishing it so, that you could have seen how lit up and thrilled over the top she was that night.  Wait.  Who am I describing here!  My daughter wore the cutest little white Indian shalwar kameez with the design details trimmed in gold.  She rarely wanted her golden blonde hair tied back but that night she asked me to put it all up high in a ponytail; she much resembled Barbara Eden’s role as Jeannie back in the day, lol, she did!

The audience in our vicinity kept glancing at her in disbelief   -I saw their smiles-  ‘How can this little girl know so much about …?’  It’s what I imagined their thoughts to be.  She was out of her seat many a time that evening calling out Charlie’s name whenever she felt excited by the drums, or telling Karen to keep making the strings come to life.  It was something to see, you would’ve been proud.  

I just wanted you to know all that.  When else would I get the opportunity to tell you these things?

You.  Your compositions, how they pulsate through me, unknowingly perhaps, yet each version of you always reminds me to look at myself more closely, to trust myself, my true self, once again.  You know, I have always resonated with the profound glory yet humble simplicity of the light of dawn and that’s how I feel every time I listen to your music.  

No matter how upset, discouraged or frustrated I may be at any given time, all I have to do is listen to your compositions and I say this with the greatest heartfelt sincerity, my entire take on this world is instantly improved!  ♥️  Every time and without fail.  I must admit … the journey becomes perfect when I take your compositions along with me.  The other end of that spectrum is even brighter still.  Thank you!’

Photography by Shaari © 2010

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