Letters & the Occasional Postcard

portion of a letter to my cousin-sister from August 2012

My dearest little sister … Bad Cannstatt  –how’s that grab ya?  It’s a beautiful district of Stuttgart and we get to be a part of it all!  We are living up above that on the top of a hill on an Army base, well really it’s the Robinson Barracks, in the southwestern state of Baden-Württemberg.  You got all that so far?  There are quite a few vineyards here lending such beauty to the landscape  –I absolutely love it!  

Cafés dot the hilltops overlooking Stuttgart, the Neckar River and these vineyards.  One of the cafés is just across the street from the base which I intend to visit very soon!  I barely got here remember?  I see it has a simple terrace with seating to take in that breath-taking view.  🌳  I shall be relaxing there one late afternoon, sipping on what else? a local wine and absorbing that panoramic landscape scene.   And because you’re not with me I’ve enclosed a few pictures so you can see some of what I’ve been seeing.

river view Nekar
Behold the view of the cool and refreshing Nekar River
vineyards in Deutschland
Baden-Württemberg’s comforting view  
I admit it, I picked a few to sample … Yum! 
marker at the vineyards

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