On growing up by the sea …

Reflecting On Stretching the Wings of My Youth ~

Salt water coursing throughout my veins helped me to just breathe.


There was always someone to answer to, especially self-accountability.  There were my questions which demanded answers, again especially those addressed to myself.  And all the while my siblings, our friends and myself, we’d all work on mastering the skills of benevolence, compromise and tolerance.  I’d come to my ocean (as I grew up to know it) always to the sea; it was sanity, my strength and my peace of mind.  

A good sense of humor, a splash of empathy, humility and a heaping dose of compassion never hurt any of us either.  And I won’t forget to add in here all the other stuff, the grains of sand in my years; you know all those things I’m only now brave enough to tell my parents what I did.  These are coral and starfish -bits and pieces- of what makes me who and what I am today.

on growing up by the sea
              exercising daily relief
Sunset Beach, O'ahu, tranquility
How could you not collect yourself, making order out of chaos, at least for that moment, while present here?

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