By Invitation Only

Pacific Ocean always calling, this time in Monterey, CA that is
Happy to be herself – 2014 Monterey, CA

Welcome to our page of inspiring enterprise!  Right now (July) you may notice the website still has a feel of construction going on.  Oh I didn’t wish to keep the whole thing unpublished till I perfected it because then it may take me even longer to do it.  You know, like an excuse to not work on it ‘cuz no one sees it anyway – that train of thought.  Nope, nothin’ doin’!

You’re going along the cobblestone path with me, I appreciate the company.  Help me push that wheelbarrow over there, would you please?  Anyhow when I’ve planted more of the garden, a tree or two for shade and have placed some comfortable furniture on the porch, I’ll open the invitation for contributions and it’ll be right here in the By Invitation Only page where the logistics of that get together will be found.

Just to briefly summarize, I’ll review contributions of short stories, maybe a few sweet & mini video clips or simply photographs with captions.  I’m pretty certain I’ll be looking for much more but again, that information will be found here with a more precise yardstick, when that time comes.  I see an opportunity for sharing and learning, as we needn’t all be from the same mindset, right?

We certainly can have lots of fun with this – I really look forward to that gathering!




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