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Are you going backwards today?


Sailboat pleasures
On a sailboat celebrating her 14th birthday, having a lot of fun and experiencing teamwork.

If you must then remind yourself it’s only a quick trip solely to gather a little more wisdom.  Now come back and take that forward into today and tomorrow if we’re fortunate enough.  

In hindsight we’ve seen so much; to feel sad or disappointed (and again if you must then make it short-lived) that we didn’t notice [all] while we were there is, rather pointless.  How is that going to change any past occurrence?

I’m going to boldly add memories.  Personally I love to reminisce happy recollections.  What fun and laughter they can bring to the table.  It’s the bitter and painful ones I say can stay back there without need to come forward and cloud our decisions and reactions.  I cannot however discard the occasion where these have been helpful; to learn from of course.

And much like on a sailboat, we can prepare for how we think things will go but oft-times the sea, she has different plans (the wind changes everything) and in the wink of an eye we may have to alter our order of planed reactions, even dumping some altogether.  So laugh a little at the thought of it and be glad that you’re now going forward, fully willing and able might I add.

I’ve set myself up now to propel away from the confusion and sometimes regret. These blogs and scribbles are fuel for that live-in-the-present motion albeit when we write it’s rarely moment for moment as it happens, save the perfect diary or for that matter a live video blog.

Of course in many instances we write in the present tense but most often it has already occurred; story telling.  Will this perception encourage us to pay a lot more attention to this present moment, the gift, the only thing which is tangible?  For our well-being and good health, I certainly hope so.

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