Snapshots – offering the opportunity …

Photograph: offering the opportunity for humanitarian, scientific and technical merit, exciting aerial captures and a stolen glimpse at the mysterious depths of the underwater universe.  Goodness knows we’ve witnessed unimaginable creatures and landscapes of the wild, both wet and dry as well as out of this world literally, and all thanks to the passionate, proficient and able photographers and videographers of this planet.   🌏  Don’t even get me started on the awesomeness of those fabulous telescopes and underwater photography equipment!  How fortunate are we having become quite accomplished in the ability to see beyond … waaaaay beyond! ✨

Step inside the world of fine art and design, sports, architectural, advertising and editorial opportunities, travel and community, fashion, food and portraiture, documentaries, assistance in the medical field and corporate value to name just a few subjects of advantage.  

Most of us are clicking our phones & cameras left & right, up & down, inside anything & everything, day & night, not wanting to miss a beat.  Being guilty more often than not, all I can say now is and without shafting anyone’s purpose or claim, this is my little corner of it all.  I do hope you like what you see and enjoy the added script which accompanies some of these snapshots.    


                                                     🌬 And as always I’m looking forward to your feedback.


~ Thank you for stopping by  🐝HumbleBee Whispers

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