Untangled Expression

🌿HumbleBees indeed 🐝


Instead of discussing our individual roles my online journal/blog is here to entertain, inspire, jerk a tear or two, encourage positive sparks, perhaps even causing some fireworks and hopefully will offer up a good laugh every now and again.   ☺

But seriously my fellowship of peeps, it’s a selfish thing I do here; having a sense of presence has encouraged me to feel fabulous, smiling from the inside out.  💫  All posts are a result of actual incidents (mine and others) and truest of feelings about a thing along the way.  The road I have been on in this lifetime has placed me and my version of life, exactly where it is today and I’m certain a common truth for all of us.  🌏  Why not share it I say.

And so to the highest peak and into the deepest canyon, the in and out of the tide with her darkest depths and secrets and the outer limits of a black sky, I hold our visions of the Universe up for questioning.  At the same time, the mood of the wind and seasons through the hills and valleys of existence, the lessons of life, yes even drama to the max and the incidental surprise, I humbly respect and continue to expect so much more.  This train of thought has allowed me to look back and be ever so grateful for all of it.

Okay let’s catch our breath. 🌬  Now I look forward and just know I’ll be entertained for the rest of my days!

🐝 HumbleBeeWhispers / 21st September, 2016

Once in awhile I will construct a piece of fiction.  I’ll be certain to let you know when that is the post for the day.  Also I shall be pleased to occasionally drip honey-sweet info into my blog, regarding the bees that is to say!
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